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Millonaires Secrets Revealed!

We are open again, limited spots!

Blind Gifted man helps you win lotto, lottery, horse races, sport betting, pick-3 and much more!

Who else wants to be part of the millonaire club?

Have you ever wondered why some people win the lotto and why others don´t? or Why some people are so lucky at casino or at sport betting? Some even win more than once in their lives…

What happens in their minds and souls when they choose the numbers/horses/teams etc? Is there something special going around?

I have the answers for that!

They don´t know it , but they are having a psychic experience by predicting numbers. It happens to them once or maybe twice in their whole lives… But wait! some people are gifted and can predict numbers any time! AND I AM ONE OF THOSE!

Who else wants to join the big list of winners I made in the last months?

Are you tired of working that hard to pay bills? Is money never enough?

Is money problems bringing arguments with your family? Can´t afford to pay the mortgage? rent? bills?

Would you like to help others? What about a new car? Vacations? Fixing home? What about retiring?

So how does this work?

Jason First, let me introduce myself, I am Jason P. Steiner , I am blind born . Since I was very little I experienced many many psychic predictions, like race winners at school football, university basketball, horse races, winning numbers and much more. At first I felt like a freak, until I told my parents about it, and they checked that my predictions were correct, however we never benefited from this, instead we did charity . As a matter of fact , I am still doing it!

So how does this work? I will go straight to the point, every two weeks through my assistant who is the one that writes and do almost everything for me , I will email you the numbers which I see in my vissions. Usually I see 6-10 numbers that are to be played in any game especially lotto 6-49 , keno, pick 3, pick 4, megaball, powerball, 5-39 , etc etc (of your choice) . I will also add bonuses, but I will tell that later.

Every draw I make a lot of winners. Some made millions from my predicted numbers. Every week! My clients play worldwide. I have clients from Europe, USA, Australia, UAE, Uruguay, Brazil, Singapore and China!

Lets see an example of what you get: (I deliver the numbers as soon as I have my vissions) so there is not an exact day for my emails.

Day 1: 5-14-22-33-38-39-40 additional : 11 - 41 optional : 3

The betting process is very easy and you choose the game to play, me and my assistant will be glad to help you if needed.


Some people start winning since the first week,

and some others start later on,

usually I get "connected" to you within 6 months to hit a big prize.

Normally minor prizes come faster.



"Mr Jason is a gifted person, a Godsend. I saved my business from bankrupcy thanks to his predictions. Won many times $100-$200 prizes and a week ago I finally hit a big one of $100,000. Just play his numbers people and wait, have enough patience and the retribution will come"

Sheila Thompson

"I played his numbers week after week for four months, at some point I was going to give up, but finally it happened! I won three weeks in a row many prizes summing up $711,400!.

Jason knows! People give him some weeks to tune with you and the miracle will happen!

at $9.95 a month is a steal!"

Jessica Brown

Let s see some proof of past results:

On January 1st I emailed to my 784 customers : 01-07-08-11-21-45 additional 33-24 optional 28

Depending how the combined the numbers , I made one winner of $72,600 and twenty one winners of $1765.

But wait! many others hit that same week with my sport betting bonuses predictions!

Special bonuses

These bonuses alone worth a lot of money. I added them just to make sure you will win either with my number predictions or sportbetting predictions!

Bonus #1

Sport betting Predictions

International Football and soccer predictions to be played in any online or offline bookie. I Preffer to check for the best odds. A completely winner bonus that comes every 2 weeks with predictions on soccer, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, races, horse races, and much more!

Bonus #2

Value $597! free for you!

Easy trick to pick the winner scracht off ticket!

Note: This bonus will be delivered to you on your 9th week in the list.

This secret will skyrocket your possibilities of picking a winning ticket by 1000%

Your Full Guarantee

You keep all your earnings for you, I would love to ask you to do some charity of your choice with your earnings, but thats up to you. Nor me neither my assistant will never ask for a comission or a cut on your winnings.
You can cancel your suscription at any time.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with my service, please email me and I will gladly issue a full refund , Pleae attatch a copy of your played tickets, games, information on the games you use to play etc.

Join the winners lists now! Act now! Once the list is full we will close it until we have a new free slot! and that can take years!

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